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About the CD “ECHOED LIGHT” (released in 2019)

ECHOED LIGHT was included in
Roots Music Canada's list of
11 favourite new discoveries of 2019!

Our lives roll on as the light shifts between the seasons.  From full band to intimate acoustic arrangements, Meg Tennant's latest album "Echoed Light" offers up some hope, comfort and clarity.
Co-produced by Meg and Toronto roots rocker Mark Ripp, this album has a full, warm sound that settles in around Meg's voice, and carries the listener along through a northern winter break-up (Silence & Snowbanks), a contemplative walk through the woods (Let's Walk This Road), some encouraging words (Not Done Yet), and the loss of a loved one (Shine a Light on Us).

"...The songs, most of them recent, pulse with the ideology of perseverance that Meg brings to all of her stories..."  Paul Corby, Roots Music Canada 

"...This sweet-voiced artistically mature singer-songwriter might come as a revelation to many...Meg's voice manages to sound both girlish and world-weary at the same time.  And there are some beautiful songs here." Roots Music Canada

"…I now have this CD ‘Echoed Light’ on repeat, it's that good." 
-Cash Box (Canada) & Record World (USA)


Ontario-born songwriter Meg Tennant has released two solo albums, “Driving With You” (produced by John MacArthur Ellis) and “Echoed Light” (co-produced with Toronto songwriter Mark Ripp), as well as two singles co-produced with Mark Ripp.  Her songs have been performed and recorded by Canadian folk, bluegrass and ragtime artists, and her a capella song “Bucket of Love” continues to be performed by choirs in Canada, the US, Australia and Sweden. 
Meg has performed in Ontario and BC festivals and songwriter showcases, toured with the band August (with Beverley Elliott, Linda Kidder & Rae Armour) and was in the duo Lingo Sisters with Janet Lillian Russell.  
Meg’s current home is on Vancouver Island, where she is writing songs for future release, and thoroughly enjoying living in the same city as her two daughters.
(See full bio here)



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