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January 10, 2024
Here is my “link tree” to find my music in all your favourite places:

December 5, 2023
New Single out today! “GOODBYE HARD LUCK STREET” is all about rolling through life, learning from the hard lessons, and moving forward.  I hope you'll find it inspirational.  And FUN!  Please have a listen here on my Music page, or over at BandCamp.  (Full credits and lyrics on the Bandcamp site).  As always, your support of independent music is very much appreciated!

October 16, 2023
"SEASON OF LEAFLESS TREES", co-written with Mark Ripp, has received honourable mention, placing 4th in the Folk/Acoustic category of the 2023 Indie International Songwriting Contest.

September 7, 2023
New Lyric Video for “BUCKET OF LOVE” on my YouTube Channel. The video is new, but the song is not!  I'm beyond grateful that it continues to be sung by choirs in BC, Australia, Sweden & the USA.  I wrote this song in the 90s, sang it with various duos, trios, etc, then recorded it with the band AUGUST on our 2007 album The Sweetest Day.  That is the audio you'll hear in the lyric video.  Link here to the new video.  Hope you enjoy it!

March 4, 2023
From Roots Music Canada:  "11 Artists You Will See at the BC Artists Showcase during the CFMAs"

February 10, 2023
"SEASON OF LEAFLESS TREES" new single, co-written with Mark Ripp, recorded in Toronto and Vancouver.  Listen & purchase at  Now available on all the streaming sites.  (Also check out the music of Mark Ripp

November 27, 2022
Grateful to Jon Stein, host of the Hootenanny Cafe Radio Show, for inviting me to be tonight's featured artist with a mini-concert of my recorded song on  After airing, the show will continue to be available on the Hootenanny Cafe website.

November 16, 2022
My song "ECHOED LIGHT" has received honourable mention, placing 11th in the folk/roots category of the 2022 Indie International Songwriting Competition.  

June 7, 2022
Grateful that my lyric video for "SILENCE & SNOWBANKS" is being featured today on the Women of Substance video blog.  I wrote this song with my good friend Michael Young, and the photos in the video were taken by my cousin, Michaela Murphy.  

May 9, 2022
My song "ECHOED LIGHT" kicks off the latest Women of Substance podcast (#1365).  Thanks, Bree Noble!

May 8, 2022
New!!  Lyric video for "Echoed Light" on my YouTube channel.  I love creating these lyric videos!  Hope you enjoy it.

May 3, 2022
Happy to be included in the Women of Substance Celebrating Motherhood series of podcasts.  My song "MAMA SANG 'THE WREN'" is in show #1362.  

April 25, 2022
Grateful my song "ECHOED LIGHT" was added to the Indie/Folk/Pop Compilation playlist on Spotify.

Reviews of the “Echoed Light” album: 

ECHOED LIGHT was included in
Roots Music Canada's list of
11 Favourite Discoveries from 2019. 
ECHOED LIGHT was included in
Paul Corby's Top 50
Favourite New Records of 2019.

"...Meg's thorough lyrical groundwork is evident in the elegance and pragmatism of the message she illuminates with each song..." (Read full review here
     -Paul Corby, for Roots Music Canada (May 2019) 

"...this sweet-voiced artistically mature singer-songwriter might come as a revelation to many...there are some beautiful songs here..." (Read full review here
     -Roots Music Canada (April 2019) 

" with heart and songs from the place we all aspire to connect with..." (Read full review here)
     -Don Graham, CashBox Canada (March 2019)

"I think this is your strongest writing yet, maintaining the simplicity of all your work but with a musical and lyric maturity that speaks to your progress as a writer." 
     -Steve Seskin, Grammy-nominated, Hit Songwriter

"Congrats on a very fine album.  I shall give it lots of airplay."
     -Dick Altavista, Radio DJ, CKCU Ottawa

Comments from Listeners:

"Meg you are such a brilliant storyteller thru your songs.  While I love your first CD, this one speaks to my heart...It feels like you wrote my life.  I haven’t been moved by an entire CD like this ever before."
     -Brenda Gravelle, Actor/Singer

"Really well written songs and the production is perfect. Congrats on such a wonderful collection of works." 
     -James Clark, Songwriter/Recording Artist

"Great album, Meg!  Wow, very beautiful.  Just got your CD in the mail today.  Really love Glass Heart.  Very powerful love song....Hooked Me Like a Habit, Day of Grace, Silence & Snowbanks and Let's Walk this Road are really great.  Shine a Light On Us is a really beautiful tribute to your brother.  What a lovely mourning song.  When are you going to visit Nashville with it all?"
     -Michael P. O'Hara, Waking Dream Productions

"I love your new cd. The lyrics, the arrangements, the great playing of all the musicians, the variety of tunes, your voice--always so true--it's just wonderful."
     -Mary Lynn Murphy, Novelist/Poet

"Sings like an angel, writes from an intelligent heart."
     -Wanda Mae Anderson

"I've been listening to your CD while driving in the car.  A really good road album!  Wonderful song choices with a nice flow throughout..."
     -Johann Lowenberg, Songwriter/Recording Artist

"...your straight-ahead style and how you use rhythms to provide unexpected tension/release moments.  It's intriguing and very subtle. Your songs are singable and poetic, and I can easily see why so many musicians want to perform with you, and collaborate on your songs. Echoed Light is a good body of work which harmonizes together like a painting or scenes in a play."
     -Becca Anderson, Songwriter/Recording Artist

"In today's mail, Meg Tennant's new CD Echoed Light. I am lucky to know a whole bunch of talented musicians. Meg is among the best. Great lyrics, beautiful voice, an amazing team of musicians and singers, and damn fine arrangements. What more could you want in a CD?"
     -Neil Muscott, Photographer/Writer